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I just tee’d off and my ball hooked to the left! Next shot, over corrected it and sliced to the right! Third shot, I reach the fairway, and the fourth shot I am finally by the 150 marker. Now I’m “lying four” and still need to sink my putt!

I think it’s time to head to the Tavern! On my way back, I thought I saw a mountain lion. Although there are no confirmed sightings, rumor has it that there is a lion lurking in the shadows of Talcott Notch and once in awhile she leaves behind a warning that our golfers went off the cart paths! Cheer’s mate!

about us

Lion Four Tavern is located at Tower Ridge Country Club in Simsbury, Connecticut. Nestled against the Heublein Tower on the Talcott Notch there is a beautiful patio for those spring, summer and fall days. Comfy Rocking Chairs overlooking our signature 18th hole is a great place to watch your friends finish their round or to relax after yours!